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Success Story: Ember and Eerie

You wouldn't know by looking at these adorable tortie sisters now, but Ember and Eerie had a very rough start in life.

Ember was found by one of Sacramento Cat Hospital's clients in their apartment complex parking lot, having fallen out of a car engine where she crawled (or was placed by her mom) for warmth. Ember, just 6 weeks old at the time, was injured and gravely ill when she was brought to the hospital, and it was apparent that she was unable to see. Our doctors and techs were very concerned about Ember and unsure if she could pull through. Although extremely unstable, Ember did begin to revive after receiving oxygen therapy for a period of time, and she was hospitalized so medical treatment could continue.

The following day, the same family found Ember's sister Eerie in a trash can with their littermates (who sadly did not survive). Eerie was also seriously ill and had lacerations on her body. She was rushed to the Sacramento Cat Hospital where our team was able to stabilize and treat her.

Once stable, Eerie was put in Ember's cage. The moment the sisters touched, they curled up tightly together. Ember, who had been crying, immediately quieted. Although she was still very ill and unable to see, she fell into a deep, restful sleep.

Until Ember and Eerie were out of danger, our team members took turns bringing the sisters home with them overnight so they could be monitored and cared for.

It was a long road, but these two sweet girls both recovered fully and were adopted together into a loving home where they will be spoiled and receive the love and attention they both deserve.

Ember and Eerie's story is a wonderful example of the ways the Sacramento Cat Hospital Foundation's Benevolent Fund provides medical care and treatment to underprivileged kitties. While some kitties who come to us need only routine care, others, like Ember and Eerie, require extensive intervention to save their lives. Gifts to our Benevolent Fund help ensure our ability to continue caring for special kitties like Ember and Eerie. We are thankful for your support.


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