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Success Story: ZIPPER

Zipper came to the Sacramento Cat Hospital in 2004. She had been leaving bloody urine all over the house and her owner, rather than treating her medical issues, had become angry and abusive. He brought her into our waiting room and announced that if we didn't euthanize her, he was going to take her out into a field and shoot her. Naturally, Dr. Martin wouldn't let this happen and was able to convince him to sign Zipper over to the hospital, making Zipper one of many cats over the years who have been cared for by the Benevolent Fund.

Once Zipper became ours, we were able to determine that she had urinary crystals and a cyst in her bladder, which was the cause of her bloody urine and which led her to urinate outside of the potty box. With proper medical treatment and plenty of care from our staff, Zipper was able to make a full recovery. She became a beloved hospital resident. Though her medical problems were behind her, past experiences had made her understandably wary of people and reluctant to trust. Over the years, with the love and affection of every staff member, she became a sweet and more affectionate cat.

We all loved having Zipper around, but we also wanted her to find a loving home to call her own. It came as no surprise that, in the end, it was one of our technicians who fell in love with Zipper and took her home. The technician was a part-time employee whose sweet nature and quiet affection completely won Zipper over. When the technician and her family took Zipper home, it was a day full of happy goodbyes.

We still receive updates on Zipper and are able to see her when she comes in for her annual exams or vaccines. We're all so happy to know that she has found a loving family to call her own. We love knowing that this sweet kitty, who could have had a horrible end, is instead enjoying her new career as resident lap warmer and recipient of affection.

If the technician or her family happen to be reading this, all we can say is that you'll never know how much we love you for loving Zipper.


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